A passionate and performance-driven engineer with over 10 years of experience in IT. Extensive background as a System Engineer. Works well independently and within a team environment on large-scale projects. Possesses extensive interpersonal and communication skills with proficiency in both Spanish and English language. Works well under pressure, proactively, and with high levels of motivation required to deliver the most value to the company.


Senior Devops Engineer

Networked Insights
May 2015 – Present

Partner with Development and Infrastructure teams to insure optimal environments are built for pre-production and production. Develop real-time monitoring dashboards using ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstash & Kibana) and Prometheus- both front end and back end data collector scripting to gather custom metrics from the logs. Using configuration management tools to support hundreds of nodes to enforce engineering and security standards. Writing Puppet/Chef modules to manage a wealth of home grown applications in a 24x7 operating environment.

Senior Devops Engineer & Co-founder

Jan 2012 – Present

Company behind an amazing free basketball stats tracker app that enables coaches, scorekeepers, and parents to record player stats and then view and share them online at Its simple and fast interface is designed for even non-technical users to record stats as quickly and easily as they could on a paper basketball stat book. - Responsible for the entire infrastructure, which is hosted in Google Cloud Platform, including: server deployment, storage management, configuration management and application deployment and upgrades using Opscode Chef. - Worked with members of the application development team on how best to deploy the application and upgrades using Chef. Trained them to use Chef and reviewed, approved and deployed any Chef code they submitted for release. - Responsible for automation of backups and fail-over infrastructure. - Pushing Devops culture, communicating, collaborating and bringing all the parts togethers to make sure we ship high quality products and keep happy our customers.

Devops / Support Engineer

Rewards Network
Jul 2014 – May 2015

  • Improving communication and collaboration across the IT department.

  • Actively researching and implementing methods for automated testing of Infrastructure as Code using AWS, Chef and Git to deploy a fully functioning, rebuilt-from-scratch production environment. Investigating Docker and AWS to create on demand automation pipeline testing agents. Learning how to adapt traditional Enterprise architecture to cloud deployment.

  • Specializing in the Ops side of DevOps practices. I enable developers to do what they do best: write code. I worry about Ops best practices with Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery, maintain high service availability, secure environments, ensure data recovery, and business continuity.

  • Using scripting languages for deployments, build configurations and infrastructure administration.

Release Engineer / DevOps

Guaranteed Rate
Jun 2013 – Jul 2014

Collaborate closely with both development and operations teams to ensure the highest quality software release standards and practices through continuous integration, testing and deployment automation. Enforce efficient release management standards while enabling productivity and innovation.

Responsibilities include:

• Administer Enterprise Continuous Integration consisting of a large Jenkins and TeamCity setups. • Assist development teams in adopting CI usage by creating any necessary scripting and/or configuration whether in bash, MSBuild, Python, etc. • Maintain Enterprise Git and Team Foundation Server instances while assisting with training, access control and general usability. • Assist with administration of the Enterprise JIRA and Confluence instances. • Researched and experimented with deployment automation tools to bring deployment consistency and transparency to all applications in the enterprise regardless of technology used.

Independent Consultant

GenePeeks, Inc.

Engaged in various short-term contract assignments, including responsibilities such as: • Build and maintain development environments using several Amazon Web Services components. • Deployment automation. • Setup and monitor daily continuous/production builds. • Define and document integration and deployment best practices and processes.

System Administrator


Responsible for the installation and configuration of servers and services, including both Linux and Windows servers. Configuration and maintenance of Web (IIS, Apache) and SQL server (MS-SQL, MySQL). Provides daily support and troubleshooting of issues raised by internal users. Responsible for scheduled backups and systems availability and performance monitoring


Universidad Tecnólogica de La Habana “Jose Antonio Echeverría”, CUJAE

Bachelor’s Degree Field Of StudyTelecommunications and Electronic Engineering